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CASE STUDY: VT’s and EV’s – Rapid Intervention ahead of an EV launch

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge Ahead of an upcoming electric vehicle (EV) launch, a car manufacturer urgently needed retrofit work on its new model to meet delivery deadlines for its customers. Without a quick and efficient response, initial customer orders would be delayed, causing significant damage to the vehicle manufacturer’s reputation. With a tight deadline looming, the issue […]

24 Dec 21

Quality management expert re-elected to industry aerospace board

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

Stephen Molloy, aerospace, defence and industrials director for the quality management services provider, G&P, has been re-elected to the board of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA). Established in 2003, the MAA is the voice of Midlands-based companies supplying the aerospace industry, helping to grow business revenues and create high-quality employment in the region, also forging […]

16 Dec 21

Highly complex G&P project highlights how maintaining quality has no borders

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

A complex cross-border quality inspection by leading quality management provider has involved visiting five countries and inspecting 44 cars with potential mechanical issues. Not only this, the project was completed in just 3.5 days by two of G&P’s highly-skilled vehicle technicians using an electrical measuring device to inspect the potentially faulty component. Thankfully, all the […]

29 Nov 21


Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

Like most businesses in the UK and around the world, G&P has witnessed seismic changes to the business landscape. Now we prepare for the future by ensuring a strong customer focus remains the priority. Look back to look forward Lessons learnt can be invaluable. Of course, the pandemic has resulted in changes to the way […]

23 Nov 21

Case study: Fast Turnaround – Speed without compromising quality

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge With a product launch imminent, an overseas automotive OEM urgently needed retrofit work on its new model to meet customer delivery deadlines. Without a rapid and efficient response, initial customer orders would be delayed causing profound reputational damage to the vehicle manufacturer. On this particular occasion there was a shortage of vehicle technicians […]

26 Oct 21

New model launches must prepare against warranty claims

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

Historical new car warranty costs at highest during the 12 months after launch Pressure on cost-down in manufacturing can be at odds with maintaining quality Manufacturers can protect themselves by addressing quality issues at source Vehicle manufacturers must protect themselves from warranty claims during new car launch periods by driving back quality issues into the […]

25 Oct 21

BLOG – Strong customer focus creates numerous benefits

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

Strong customer focus creates numerous benefits A strong customer focus is more important than ever as businesses look to build long-lasting, and mutually beneficial, relationships. G&P itself is proud to have supported many businesses for numerous years, ensuring they maintain quality standards, whether that’s in the automotive, aerospace, off-highway, rail or marine industries. First impressions […]

21 Oct 21

Party celebrations mark G&P’s 15th anniversary in Hungary

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

G&P’s Hungarian team members celebrated 15 years in Hungary with a very special birthday picnic. Fun-filled activities for all to enjoy included a football championship, giant team games, a dynamic rapid massage, archery, a cartoonist and a cooking competition. Dino Kyriacou, CEO at G&P, said: “What better way to celebrate our milestone birthday than by […]

20 Sep 21

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