G&P Inspiring Britain for 2nd Year

Quality management specialist, Göbel & Partner (G&P) has been included in the London Stock Exchange’s prestigious 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain report, for the second consecutive year. The report, which is designed to showcase the UK’s most dynamic small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), highlights companies with a turnover of between £6m and £250 million, that have grown faster than their sector peers, for at least three years in a row.

Quality driven manufacturing success

Company founder and group chief executive officer Dino Kyriacou attributes G&P’s success to the value of the services it provides for clients that include some of the world’s best known automotive, aerospace and manufacturing companies. “Quality is absolutely fundamental to the success of today’s manufacturers,” he explains. “And with the complexity and sophistication of modern products, maintaining quality requires a skilled, responsive and proactive approach.”

When one of G&P’s clients identifies a quality issue in manufacturing or its supply chain, it calls on the company’s expertise to ensure that problems don’t find their way to customers. G&P provides a broad variety of quality solutions including training, project management, inspection, rectification and rework services. “Over the years we have developed a proprietary Quality Excellence system, supported by QTrak, our own bespoke IT infrastructure,” explains Dino Kyriacou. “Our engineers can spot patterns in inspection data that point to the underlying causes of issues. We can then work with our customer, or with their supplier, both to fix the immediate issues and to eliminate the source of the problem.”

Proven results

For example, when a recent major European car maker found it was having to reject an unacceptably high number of parts from one supplier, it called on G&P to find a solution. G&P immediately deployed quality inspectors at both the car maker and at the supplier’s plant in Eastern Europe to ensure no more problem parts made it to the production line. Parts that failed to meet the required standards were quarantined, then scrapped or repaired by G&P staff, as appropriate.

G&P’s highly experienced quality engineers then worked with the supplier’s manufacturing staff to put new processes and extra quality checks in place during production. As a result of these steps, the supplier’s internal quality levels improved by almost 60 percent in just a few months, saving it around £3.5 million. Even more importantly, the additional quality processes meant that no more defective parts found their way to the car maker’s plant.

It is this ability to get to the root cause of problems and fix them permanently that differentiates G&P from competitors, driving the company’s growth, concludes Dino Kyriacou, “we don’t offer sticking plaster solutions. We aim to fundamentally and sustainably improve quality for our customers.”

To learn more about G&P and its services go to www.gpqm.com

To see the complete London Stock Exchange 1000 companies to inspire Britain report, go to www.1000companies.com



G&P’s eye-opening growth

  • Turnover up to £28 million in 2014 from £12 million in 2012
  • More than 1,100 employees including skilled engineers, technicians and quality assurance staff
  • Global HQ in Walsall
  • Additional offices in 11 countries and at dozens of customer sites around the world

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