CASE STUDY: Supplier Quality Engineers – Flexible and knowledgeable support for Tier 1 suppliers

The Challenge

A Tier 1 automotive supplier faced an unprecedented increased workload due to an OEM launching a new model.

Initially, this resulted in the need for a supplier quality engineer (SQE) to be supplied on a contract basis to alleviate the unforeseen pressure on the Tier 1 supplier’s own quality engineers so they could manage their own workload more effectively.

In essence, G&P’s SQE had to become integral in the operations of everyday working practices of the Tier 1 supplier, shouldering the responsibility to help maintain quality standards.

The Solution

G&P’s SQE integrated within the Tier 1 supplier’s team  from day one working closely with the engineering and quality teams.

All necessary non-conformance information from the internal quality concern portal was handled by G&P’s SQE.

The Tier 1 supplier portal was quickly and effectively mastered by G&P’s SQE.

G&P’s SQE checked the non-conformance area on a regular basis for parts that had been rejected on the night shift or during the day.

A containment plan was immediately implemented by G&P’s SQE to deal with urgent situations if they arose.

If there were any supplier quality issues, then G&P’s SQE also created the correct paperwork and followed up any issues on behalf of the Tier 1 supplier.

G&P’s SQE checked and fed back results quickly and effectively, minimising disruption in all channels.


The Results

G&P’s highly-skilled SQE became a trusted partner to the Tier 1 supplier.

Their decisive actions saved unnecessary rework and rectification as many quality issues were addressed at source, eliminating any further escalation.

Moreover, without the support of G&P’s SQE who could learn quickly and be part of the team, then the Tier 1 supplier’s own quality engineers would have struggled to complete their own tasks and address any non-conformances.

As the relationship developed with the Tier 1 supplier it also enabled G&P’s SQE to be involved in even more complex matters and to help out with more in-depth issues.

Furthermore, G&P was integrated even further within the everyday operations of the Tier 1 supplier, such as through the deployment of quality inspectors, due to the positive impact made.

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