CASE STUDY: IT Integration – IT Integration Eliminates Human Error

The Challenge

Accurate information upon which to make potentially crucial manufacturing decisions is vital in maintaining quality  standards throughout the production process.

However, the accuracy of data used to support decision making or problem solving, such as serial numbers or run dates, can be undermined when it is manually inputted as human error enters the equation.

There are also the additional issues of the cost and time that is taken for a person to manually input or duplicate data. Moreover, this situation can be compounded when information is inputted to or from different IT systems.

The Solution

G&P’s proprietary quality management software QTrak integrates seamlessly with that of the client.

Such close integration eliminates the need for human inputting of data.

Wherever possible, G&P’s original data is collected electronically and transferred with no manual intervention.

Bespoke IT operating systems are designed and implemented for each individual customer.

Data can be accessed instantly by the customer or provided as a summary report.

Data layout agreed between customer and G&P.

Downloadable bespoke reports, that can be accessed at the touch of a button, are tailormade for all customers.


The Results

G&P’s customers benefit from on-demand data that is accurate and reliable.

Quality standards can be maintained from this information and swift actions can be taken if needed as data is available in real-time.

Overall, this is vital in supporting OEMs and suppliers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimise disruption.

Furthermore, IT integration between G&P’s software and that of the client totally eliminates human error from data inputting.

It also dramatically reduces any time spent manually keying in data, enabling personnel to be deployed more productively in other operations.



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