CASE STUDY: G&P improves client service levels for tier one automotive supplier

The Challenge

A leading tier one automotive supplier was keen to improve its overall service to an automotive OEM preparing two new vehicle launches within a short timeframe and approached G&P to undertake its luxury interior trim and centre console containment and rework activity, and  reporting, in three client locations.

The supplier wanted to put a greater focus on its performance and improve its working relationship with the OEM. As part of this it felt that its workflow processes could be improved as part of an overall upgrade in client delivery, to include improved work instructions and a better management structure.

G&P was contracted to provide the solution as the supplier trusted G&P’s customer service, quality of reporting and the flexible 24/7 support available in country and through its extended overseas teams.

The Solution

G&P put in place a defined working structure, and the appropriate personnel to improve overall quality and build better relationships.

G&P installed a team in each of the three UK plants, two of which are used on an ad-hoc basis and therefore required site-to-site flexibility and efficiency from those teams.

Teams were comprised of two Team Leaders at each facility, supported by a crew of inspectors.

The teams provided general containment and rework activities, inspecting metal and composite trim components and leather upholstery.

G&P’s management team supported a better structure and more comprehensive work instructions which both improved quality and quickened operations.

G&P’s local team identified issues with overseas suppliers and proactively supported the customer by using our overseas teams to solve the issues, overcoming any language barriers and unnecessary travel requirements.

The Results

G&P’s Business Manager and the teams have built up a good level of trust with the client, its suppliers and the OEM through robust reporting and overall attitude and approach to the project. Through this approach, and better overall management, G&P has reduced job process times  and improved quality standards.

Equally, this partnership has resulted in better quality product now coming into the tier one supplier, and better quality components being received by the OEM.

These output gains outweighed project cost considerations and the initial assignment has been upgraded to a rolling contract.

The client has praised the good service and operational support as well as the excellent relationships formed with downstream suppliers.This has resulted in greater integration with suppliers – effectively creating a communication and performance ‘bridge’ with the supply chain – and generated additional integrated projects which have assisted process improvements even further.

In addition, the supplier is now working with G&P on technical and engineering projects too.

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