Case Study: Supplier Audits – G&P helps household goods manufacturer improve its supply chain

The Challenge

A global household goods manufacturer with production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia undertook a programme of supplier audits across its existing supply chain and with several new suppliers.

Some of the suppliers were located in areas not currently covered by the manufacturer’s staff, therefore having previously worked and having a good experience with G&P, G&P was contacted to assist in an auditing process.

The Solution

To support this customer in overcoming these challenges, G&P brought in its expert team to provide analysis and benchmarking of standards throughout the manufacturer’s supply chain.

Firstly, G&P’s specialist auditors worked at a single supplier site to begin building a bespoke auditing report which could then be implemented by its team at locations worldwide. The team included five auditors located across three continents, a technical author and a project manager to
ensure manufacturer’s standards were being met globally.

Following an in-depth and bespoke training process, G&P’s team was able to conduct a full audit at the supplier’s facilities across Europe and Asia.

The Results

The programme was able to create an in-depth audit of the suppliers to ensure the manufacturer had clear visibility of adherence to the customer’s quality standards and any gaps identified and required actions reported.

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