Case Study: Resident Engineers – Providing Expert Insight On-Site

The Challenge

A supplier to a prestigious automotive OEM, like many manufacturers around the world, was not immune to the impact of COVID-19 on working practices.

It faced a particular problem in that one of its own engineers was unable to work on-site at the OEM production facility due to consequences from the pandemic.

Faced with this situation, the supplier quickly needed resident engineer support to ensure quality standards were maintained and that regular communication between the supplier and OEM continued.

The Solution

G&P was chosen to provide a resident engineer in preference to other quality management providers who were also interviewed to supply personnel for the position.

Following selection there was a swift deployment of one of G&P’s resident  engineers on behalf of the supplier at the OEM’s production facility.

G&P’s resident engineer liaised directly between three of the supplier’s European plants and the OEM.

G&P’s resident engineer was involved in various stages of the build process to ensure quality standards were maintained throughout production.

The Results 

Possessing the experience, knowledge and expertise of the product and processes, G&P’s highly-skilled engineering expert became a trusted partner in equal measure to both the supplier and OEM alike.

Furthermore, by hitting the ground running, G&P’s resident engineer quickly acted as a bridge between the supplier and the OEM, ensuring transparency throughout the build process.

Using constant dialogue and reporting, and most importantly working on-site, meant G&P’s resident engineer was able to quickly and efficiently resolve any quality issues if they arose, saving time, minimising disruption and ensuring maximum  manufacturing efficiency.

It was also a clear indication on behalf of the supplier that it had the interests of the OEM at heart, while protecting the hard-earned reputations that both the supplier and OEM had built.

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