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Party celebrations mark G&P’s 15th anniversary in Hungary

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

G&P’s Hungarian team members celebrated 15 years in Hungary with a very special birthday picnic. Fun-filled activities for all to enjoy included a football championship, giant team games, a dynamic rapid massage, archery, a cartoonist and a cooking competition. Dino Kyriacou, CEO at G&P, said: “What better way to celebrate our milestone birthday than by […]

20 Sep 21

CASE STUDY: Recruitment – Recruiting the best for the best

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge G&P was approached by an automotive OEM to recruit English speaking quality auditors to conduct checks at a supplier which had manufacturing facilities in eight countries. Recruiting the best candidates to fulfil a specific brief in a short timescale would have been problematic without G&P’s enviable database of fully qualified personnel. Indeed, it’s […]

26 Aug 21

Manufacturing suppliers need to protect themselves from production fluctuations

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

Manufacturing suppliers need to urgently address production fluctuations A perfect storm of semi-conductor shortages, the ‘pingdemic’, the ending of furlough and the return of workers following summer shutdown will impact order books The timely advice comes from Geoff Cousins, chairman of quality management expert G&P and formerly the managing director of Jaguar UK A perfect […]

25 Aug 21

CASE STUDY: IT Integration – IT Integration Eliminates Human Error

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge Accurate information upon which to make potentially crucial manufacturing decisions is vital in maintaining quality  standards throughout the production process. However, the accuracy of data used to support decision making or problem solving, such as serial numbers or run dates, can be undermined when it is manually inputted as human error enters the […]

12 Aug 21

CASE STUDY: Insider Knowledge – How QTrak has benefited from inside experience

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge QTrak, G&P’s unique real-time web-based quality management IT system that has been developed totally in-house, had to fully address the varying needs of G&P’s customers in their drive to maintain quality standards, no matter what manufacturing sector they were in. This also included taking into account the range of different personnel using the […]

29 Jul 21

Innovative overseas operation maintains manufacturing quality standards and drives down costs

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

A renowned European manufacturing supplier is maintaining quality standards and reducing costs thanks to G&P G&P’s ‘extended workbench’ solution effectively creates one team between the customer and G&P’s own personnel Such has been the success that G&P has opened an additional facility in central Europe to provide the same solution to other customers A renowned […]

22 Jul 21

CASE STUDY: Injection Moulding – A case of NOT breaking the mould

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge  An automotive OEM was faced with an unexpected run on sales at the end of a model life that required production of unplanned units. Production volume was increased to fulfil the additional order demand, putting strain on the supply chain and prompting an audit of the injection moulding process in a tier one […]

19 Jul 21

CASE STUDY: Extended Workbench – G&P’s ‘Extended Workbench’ creates teamwork

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge A renowned supplier in central Europe needed to maintain its reputation for maintaining quality standards through the inspection, containment and rectification of its manufactured parts. It also recognised the need to provide best value for money to its own customers by keeping production costs to a minimum. Furthermore, it had to be confident […]

13 Jul 21

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