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BLOG – Maintaining quality as aerospace looks to take off again

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

In 2020 the aerospace industry directly employed more than 116,000 people in the UK, a significant number. Yet despite some forecasters predicting that the aerospace sector will recover rapidly when Covid-rates are under control internationally, there are many manufacturing businesses that are still showing a degree of caution and reluctance to staffing up in anticipation of the upturn. 

19 Apr 22

CASE STUDY: G&P improves client service levels for tier one automotive supplier

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

A leading tier one automotive supplier was keen to improve its overall service to an automotive OEM preparing two new vehicle launches within a short timeframe and approached G&P to undertake its luxury interior trim and centre console containment and rework activity, and  reporting, in three client locations.

04 Apr 22

BLOG – Customer Service is key to success

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

As an organisation providing manufacturers with a wide range of quality management services which include inspection, rectification, engineering and technical services plus bespoke recruitment, customer service has always been the pillar of G&P’s global success. And that customer service is not confined to project delivery and results – it starts from the outset of any […]

03 Mar 22

CASE STUDY: Supplier Quality Engineer – G&P reverses supply arrears and financial issues for parts manufacturer

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge A major tier 2 supplier approached G&P to assist with a parts supply issue that was resulting in consistently late deliveries and associated late payment and cash flow issues. Additionally, supplier payment terms couldn’t be supported and were stifling supply of raw materials and components to the tier 2 business. G&P installed a […]

02 Mar 22

Quality management provider G&P celebrates awards shortlisting

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

G&P, a leading quality management provider, shortlisted for Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Awards 2022 G&P shortlisted for Excellence in Technology & Innovation category Technology and innovation are at the heart of G&P business and delivering strong growth A shortlisting for Excellence in Technology & Innovation within the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Awards 2022 […]

15 Feb 22

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