CASE STUDY: Off-highway – Addressing the immediate and long-term demands of off-highway engine production

The Challenge

To implement a thorough review of supplier performance for a well-established manufacturer of industrial engines, primarily in off-highway use, to address any immediate or long-term production issues.

To create a mutually beneficial working relationship whereby both the manufacturer and suppliers were fully aware of each other’s requirements and capabilities, both short-term and further ahead.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions physical audits were not possible and therefore all supplier performance assessments were conducted remotely via desktop audits.


The Solution

G&P had already built a close working relationship with the manufacturer via another service offering, gaining the trust to conduct this critical activity that could be supported quickly and efficiently with the correct skills.

G&P’s highly skilled quality engineers immediately reviewed more than 70 suppliers in the UK, including revisiting risk analyses for each of them.

Desktop remote audits and supplier scorecards were implemented, while daily communication with suppliers via online channels and phone was also established for full transparency.

Daily updates of supplier performance were fed back to production planners at the manufacturer.

G&P provided immediate and long-term recommendations to the manufacturer to work with suppliers to address any concerns.

The rough cut capacity plan identified and set production capacity within the OEM’s planning/ordering systems.

All parties worked towards an updated common goals agreement.

Supply chain capacity was also fed back to the manufacturer to address unanticipated order demands.

The Results

Due to G&P’s immediate and in-depth analysis of supplier performance, the manufacturer had clear visibility of the supply chain, which removed previously unforeseen challenges.

It also provided the manufacturer with a long-term view, to work with suppliers to address any issues, while also looking at the wider demands that face off-highway engine production as manufacturing increases due to more building work and infrastructure projects as government looks to stimulate the economy.

For G&P, it was a clear demonstration of its breadth of industry knowledge and personnel, being flexible and experienced enough to provide a variety of services to the same customer.

It also showed how G&P can provide immediate and long-term supplier assessments, which has led to additional work with the manufacturer in both Europe and the Far East.

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