CASE STUDY: Insider Knowledge – How QTrak has benefited from inside experience

The Challenge

QTrak, G&P’s unique real-time web-based quality management IT system that has been developed totally in-house, had to fully address the varying needs of G&P’s customers in their drive to maintain quality standards, no matter what manufacturing sector they were in.

This also included taking into account the range of different personnel using the system, together with the various operating environments where it would be used.

To really understand the issues and pains faced by customers, having inside knowledge and experience of working with quality service providers from an OEM or Tier 1 perspective proved to be hugely beneficial.

The Solution

Personnel, who had previous direct experience working for an automotive OEM and Tier 1 supplier quality department, led the in-house development of QTrak.

Having crucial insider knowledge meant the development of QTrak had the customer’s needs at heart.

Close customer relationships and honest feedback during the development of QTrak helped to ensure it was fit for purpose.

It also meant that QTrak functionality and its user interfaces were designed to make it easy to use, whoever was using it and wherever it was being used.

QTrak continues to receive high levels of internal investment to improve quality levels.

The Results

QTrak plays an important role in driving up  manufacturing standards and reducing the impact of costly disruptions.

It is a key asset for G&P’s customers, both OEMs and those in the supply chain, working towards higher quality standards, increased efficiency and reduced production costs.

Furthermore, being fully paperless and providing information in real time, enables quality issues to be controlled quickly before they become a more serious disruption.

Importantly, the information provided by QTrak enables a quick resolution by feeding back to the root cause of any quality issues and, ultimately, removing disruption from the manufacturing process.

In fact, such is the speed of QTrak that G&P’s customers around the world have access to results as soon as they are recorded by inspectors, no matter where the project location is.

This means that G&P’s customers gain a vital edge over their competitors as they have the power to make critical business decisions based on factual data without delay.


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