CASE STUDY – G&P provides urgent support for electric vehicle Tier 1 supplier

The Challenge

A Tier 1 supplier of power steering systems for electric vehicles was unable to provide support at an automotive OEM in China, due to strict COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing non-residents from leaving or entering the province. This meant that the production of new vehicle units  at the OEM plant was unable to continue as an urgent software update was needed, and time was of the essence.

In order to maintain production schedules, a rapid and efficient response was required to ensure initial customer orders would be met for the OEM and thus protecting the customer from relationship damage with the vehicle manufacturer.

The Solution

G&P urgently assembled 16 highly skilled and trusted technicians from surrounding cities to the automotive OEM within 48 hours. Working around the clock and outside of usual office hours, G&P deployed its technicians to support with software reflashing to meet new model  production requirements, ensuring the customer received the support it needed to keep manufacturing processes moving.

The Results

By assembling a team quickly and at short notice, G&P was able to assist the Tier 1 supplier in successfully reflashing 10,000 parts and completing the work in one and half months.

Thanks to G&P’s support, the client could fulfil customer orders on time, avoiding reputational damage for itself and the OEM and further strengthening the relationship between G&P and the supplier.

The supplier has since requested that G&P provide technicians to support with other parts reflashing due to the efficient and thorough service it has received.

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