Case Study – G&P eliminates high financial cost and environmental impact of shipping parts between countries

The challenge

An Asia-based Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry delivered approximately 1,200 flywheel housings to the UK in readiness for uptake on an OEMs production line. However, it was discovered that due to a manufacturing error, the parts did not conform with the original drawings.

The production line had a high usage rate of these parts, meaning that re-supply from Asia was not an option. To resolve the situation, G&P was tasked with finding a competent UK-based supplier who could carry out the necessary rework machining operation on the defective parts to make them acceptable in a short time frame to avoid any production line stoppages.

The solution

With extensive experience in delivering similar projects, G&P identified, validated and engaged with a suitable UK-based supplier to perform the technical rework.

In co-ordinating the project end-to-end, G&P managed the logistics from a port-based warehouse, local inland production stores, as well as the operational and warehouse management. One of the keys to the success of G&P’s solution was the co-ordinated 5-way communication of the project, ensuring that all parties understood all issues, their responsibilities, actions and deadlines.


The Results

All parts were successfully reworked without any stoppages of the final production line or any rejections at the end of the OEM’s production facility. Indeed, the original number of parts delivered to the OEM increased to 1,450 due to the success of the rework programme.

During the project, all parts remained within the UK, eradicating the high financial and environmental costs that would have been incurred of shipping the parts back to the Tier 1 supplier in Asia.

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