CASE STUDY: Aerospace Industry – G&P helps Aerospace suppliers drive for zero defects

The Challenge

With elimination of quality issues being a number one priority within the aerospace industry, senior executives from several engine manufacturing companies worked together to create a set of uniform standards. The resulting strategy group, the Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality
(AESQ), continues to drive rapid change and deploy and support common supplier requirements, with the aim of ensuring zero defects.

In order to operate within this framework, G&P was approached by an aerospace Tier 1 supplier and previous customer, to help systematically and permanently eliminate non-confirming parts from suppliers in its upstream supply chain, ensuring zero defects at the point of fit.

The Solution

To help its customer introduce a zero defects approach with its own upstream suppliers, G&P deployed a dedicated team of suitably qualified and experienced staff. The team, who had extensive manufacturing and auditing experience, worked with selected suppliers to minimise the causes of non-conformance, documenting their findings and monitoring improvement progress.

To test, evaluate and refine the overall process in line with AS9100 and AS13100, G&P’s zero defects team worked with an initial pilot of six suppliers. These suppliers’ processes, procedures and training were audited and reviewed to identify and eradicate potential sources of variation, through the use of tools such as FMEA, MSA and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).


The Results

As a result of G&P’s intervention, the Tier 1 customer saw a significant reduction in non-conforming parts through effective root cause analysis and applying fixes.

Additionally, G&P supported the suppliers in ensuring their inspection procedures were robust to prevent risk of non-conforming product escapes to the end user. This in turn enhanced the supplier’s reputation and scorecards as they strive for zero defects.

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