Innovative quality system prevents £2.5billion worth of waste

An innovative quality management tool developed by leading industry experts G&P has helped the company’s automotive and aerospace manufacturing customers reduce their levels of waste by more than £2,568,000,000 in 2016.

G&P’s award-winning Quality Excellence Model was recognised for its potential when it was awarded the UK’s highest business accolade, a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016. Now, further analysis of the system’s use shows that in 2016 it has prevented more than 21.4 million parts, worth an estimated £2,568,000,000 from being turned into waste.

“Our entire focus at G&P is to help our manufacturing partners avoid waste and increase quality standards by ensuring they produce the right parts to the correct specification, first time, every time,” comments Arne Willerslev-Legrand, group managing director, G&P. “When poor quality parts are manufactured, not only is there an environmental impact in terms of wasted energy and manufacturing inefficiencies, but additional raw materials are then required to produce replacement components. Through use of our award-winning, innovative Quality Excellence Model, we are able to target the root cause of manufacturing problems and eradicate them at source, significantly enhancing our customers’ environmental performance.”

G&P’s sustainable waste reduction and quality improvement activities are facilitated by a number of core quality management services. It recently added a real-time quality scanning tool to its Model, enabling manufacturers to identify any potential problems more quickly than ever before, helping them to take early, decisive action to permanently eliminate any issues.

The importance and success of G&P’s waste reduction efforts have been widely recognised by its automotive and aerospace customers, where high-value manufacturing activities mean that it is essential to maintain product quality and avoid the costly interruption of production lines. Today, G&P works with most of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and their key suppliers at over 100 manufacturing facilities around the globe. It is also transferring this expertise and experience into the aerospace industry, which shares many similar complex supply chain issues as the automotive industry.

“Environmental performance and waste reduction are likely to be ongoing and growing concerns for our customers,” adds Willerslev-Legrand. “With this in mind we will continue to invest in and develop our systems and processes, so that we can continue to deliver industry leading services and performance.”



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