CASE STUDY: VT’s and EV’s – Rapid Intervention ahead of an EV launch

The Challenge

Ahead of an upcoming electric vehicle (EV) launch, a car manufacturer urgently needed retrofit work on its new model to meet delivery deadlines for its customers.

Without a quick and efficient response, initial customer orders would be delayed, causing significant damage to the vehicle manufacturer’s reputation.

With a tight deadline looming, the issue was further compounded as there was a shortage of vehicle technicians with the necessary specialist qualifications in the country.

The Solution

With previous EV expertise, G&P supported by providing local vehicle technicians with the necessary training and qualifications as well as additional, experienced and skilled staff from other countries where G&P operates.

Contracts for the jobs were agreed and ready in less than 24 hours.

The G&P team worked extended shifts outside normal office hours to successfully finish the job in line with the client’s requirements.

All of G&P’s vehicle technicians were highly skilled, had all the necessary qualifications required and were knowledgeable and reliable.

G&P also organised all travel costs and logistical arrangements for the technicians travelling from abroad, including flights and accommodation.

G&P’s activities provided a cost-effective and rapid solution for the customer.

The Results

The rework benefited the new EV model and customer orders were completed within time.

As a result, this protected the car manufacturer’s brand and ensured that the new EV model met all the necessary quality standards, essential for a new product entering the market for the first time and looking to establish a foothold.

The success of the project was such that G&P candidates were then retained for further contracts.

The project was further proof that G&P supports its clients in maintaining quality standards, providing a level of service that goes far beyond what is expected.

It was also evidence that G&P has the skillset and knowledge to maintain quality standards in both EV models and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.


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