CASE STUDY: Supplier Management – Measuring components in a temperature controlled environment

The Challenge

G&P was requested by a Tier 1 customer to visit their OEM customer onsite to provide neutral measurement data to enable a dispute to be settled regarding part dimensions and whether the products were conforming to drawing.

This was achieved by measuring the temperature of the measurement lab environment and ensuring that all equipment was in calibration and being used correctly, including CMM and air gauges.

Crucially, central to the project was building trust and confidence between the OEM and the supplier.

The Solution

G&P immediately undertook inspection and metrology analysis.

The temperature of the inspection area and quarantine area where the components were being measured was checked in-detail by G&P’s trained technicians.

The calibration of the air gauge was thoroughly tested to ensure accuracy of measurement results.

G&P checked the air gauge equipment was being operated correctly.

An inspection of a specified number of assemblies using the on-site air gauge was conducted by G&P.

G&P also arranged a verification of components off site via an independent CMM inspection.


The Results

As required, results from G&P’s inspection and measurement were quickly fed back to both the customer and the Tier 1 supplier, highlighting how G&P played a non-partisan role throughout the entire process.

All components measured by G&P were within the tolerance limits, building trust and providing confidence to all those in the manufacturing process that parts supplied were of the correct dimensions.

It further demonstrated G&P’s skill in measurement and calibration rules within a tightly controlled environment, a highly-specialised area that required knowledgeable expertise.

Meanwhile, as a stand-alone project it highlighted how G&P’s skillset can be employed proactively or reactively, minimising disturbance throughout the product lifecycle.


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