CASE STUDY: G&P Resident Engineer perfects automotive trim production process for improved quality

The Challenge

A tier 1 supplier of interior and exterior plastic trim to an OEM plant in Slovakia was experiencing a host of visual surface defects and component weld issues. In addition, due to not having a customer based resident engineer within its team, they also needed to improve the flow of information and communication with its OEM customer as part of overall process improvements.

The supplier was not only recommended to engage with G&P but also had previous positive experience with us and a Resident Engineer was put in place to investigate the origins of the issues and oversee improvements to operations and working relationships. The Resident Engineer developed the appropriate solution for the tier 1 supplier and OEM client to consider before assisting with the implementation.

Throughout the process G&P’s Resident Engineer represented the tier 1 supplier in all actions with the OEM.

The Solution

G&P provided a single Resident Engineer, skilled and experienced in trim manufacturing processes in the automotive sector.

G&P’s Resident Engineer worked closely with the OEM itself to understand the issues.

A thorough analysis of the production issues was undertaken, and improvement recommendations made.

G&P’s Resident Engineer provided an immediate response to any OEM issues and resolved them.

A temporary containment process was set up to prevent any line stops and more serious escalation.

G&P provided additional Resident Engineers for ad-hoc project work as the need arose.

The Results

The Resident Engineer has been in place for over three years as part of an on-going project covering all 50+ individual parts manufactured by the trim supplier. All parts issues, ranging from approximately 20% categorised as serious through to the minor imperfections of the remaining 80%, were resolved.

Operations, manufacturing processes and quality controls have all been improved, resulting in superior exterior and interior trim components befitting of the OEM’s brand and product range. In addition, this quality improvement has led to a corresponding reduction in rejection of parts and therefore waste.

Client confidence and trust in the standard of work provided by G&P has resulted in positive feedback and a long-term co-operation.

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