Case study: Fast Turnaround – Speed without compromising quality

The Challenge

With a product launch imminent, an overseas automotive OEM urgently needed retrofit work on its new model to meet customer delivery deadlines.

Without a rapid and efficient response, initial customer orders would be delayed causing profound reputational damage to the vehicle manufacturer.

On this particular occasion there was a shortage of vehicle technicians on the ground and time was of the essence.

An urgent request was sent from the OEM for vehicle technicians.

The Solution

G&P supported by supplying local vehicle technicians and supplemented further from other countries where G&P operates.

Less than 24 hours was enough to agree commercials.

In addition to local support, five highly experienced candidates were identified and flown out a day later.

An additional five candidates joined them three days later.

G&P’s team worked around the clock and outside of normal office hours to complete the job meeting the needs of the client.

All of G&P’s technicians were highly skilled, known and trusted.

All travel requirements for those vehicle technicians travelling from overseas, such as flights and accommodation, was handled by G&P.

It was a cost-effective solution.

The Results 

The new vehicle benefitted from retrofit activity and customer orders were fulfilled on time.

This protected the brand of the automotive OEM and ensured the new model met all the required quality standards.

Such was the success of the project, a number of G&P’s candidates were kept on for an extended contract.

The project was further evidence that G&P goes above and beyond the call of duty to support its customers to maintain quality standards.

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