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Automotive and aerospace quality excellence being transferred to other manufacturing sectors

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

More than 25 years of automotive and aerospace quality excellence now available to a range of manufacturing sectors G&P’s diversification drive aims to help other manufacturers maintain quality standards while dealing with the long-term impact of COVID-19 on working practices Last year alone G&P reworked more than 27 million parts for its customers to OEM […]

CASE STUDY: Off-highway – Addressing the immediate and long-term demands of off-highway engine production

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

The Challenge To implement a thorough review of supplier performance for a well-established manufacturer of industrial engines, primarily in off-highway use, to address any immediate or long-term production issues. To create a mutually beneficial working relationship whereby both the manufacturer and suppliers were fully aware of each other’s requirements and capabilities, both short-term and further […]

17 May 21

BLOG – A ‘model’ for maintaining quality in manufacturing

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

As a supplier of quality management services to the manufacturing industry, we help companies achieve the highest possible quality standards, while improving efficiency and reputation, together with reducing cost and waste. In order to improve our overall effectiveness and help regional, national and international manufacturers and suppliers further, we have developed an industry leading model […]

12 May 21

Quality management provider G&P celebrates 15 years in Hungary

Posted by Maria Holmes-Keeling

G&P, a leading quality management provider, is celebrating 15 years in Hungary G&P employees work with manufacturers to maintain quality standards, increase efficiency and deliver cost improvements Located in Mór, G&P is now looking forward to another 15 years and more in Hungary Leading quality management provider G&P, which has particular expertise in the automotive […]

05 May 21

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